Euro Vacances Hotel

8 Poivre Street, Beau Bassin-Rose Hill

} Check-in anytime and check-out noon

Turning moments into memories, the Euro Vacances Hotel…

Less than a skip away from a hurly burly central, the Euro Vacances Hotel is one effortless way of exploring inland Mauritius. Tucked away in a pleasant neck of the woods, its ethos is quaint simplicity… So, if you, local or foreign urbanites, are landlubbers after serenity and modernity, look no further than this tranquil respite!

Walk up the stoops past its cozy patio. And, you’ll surely be greeted with the warmest welcome you’ve ever received. Hospitality reigning large at the Euro Vacances Hotel, family owned and run, a caring staff will always be on hand to ensure that you enjoy your stay to the fullest!

With its original slated floorings, a wall instinct with zebra pops and glassy mural mosaics, the lobby of this beautifully designed retreat has it all. Its toastily plaid sofas intended to while away your “check-in” time are also warmly inviting. A few steps ahead, the lobby and the adjoining dining room are then sectioned off by whitewashed floral partitions.

In the dining room, the oversized beauty of fabulous dark-brown furniture has been complemented by accent frameless mirrors, giving an incredible dimension and depth to the room. Sensational tray ceilings and friezes repeating from the lobby highlight the focal point of the room, the squared chrome lighting. Proceed to the hallway where several flights of stairs await you. You’ll need them to access your rooms.

Upstairs, Euro Vacances Hotel has 9 comfortable bedrooms to curl up in. There, understated greys and sophisticated browns not only punch up the crisp abundant lighting but also add a touch of Zen to the lovely den. The beds are similarly-hued and are bedecked with downy plain pillows. In between the whitey pillows, a toss pillow is found sheathed in muted-printed sham. Well, is there any reason for you not to snooze just a little bit?

Definitely worth a plunge, the Grecian shaped pool found in the backyard also features a round wading pool for your brood. Chock full of style, this cool pool melds seamlessly with its fawn-coloured bond beams and haphazardly-laid tiles. To revel in the stillness of the surroundings, concrete garden benches have also been laid. The lower level also includes a homespun game room which is stocked with a pool table, a foosball and a ping pong table. Fed up of playing? Don’t you worry, some deep-seated sofas can be found there too.

Our verdict: Totally kitted out with everything you need, Euro Vacances Hotel is everyone’s home away from home!

Listing Information

Pool, Internet, Restaurant, Currency exchange, Transport facilities, Kids friendly

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