Martello Tower Museum

Beyond the drawn curtains, the silent titans! You just can’t leave my country without any… Read more »

What the Easter Sunday is all about…

With Easter just in, those with a sweet tooth will finally find the right excuse… Read more »

King of the Castle Trail & MTB Challenge

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Mauritius Aquarium

For a different show… To many, the perfect vacation is one where exploration and relaxation… Read more »

Ugadi and its thousand colours…

Ugadi which is derived from the Sanskrit word, “Yuga Adi” heralds the beginning of a… Read more »

Frédérica Nature Reserve

In nature with our signature creatures… Admit it, we’ve all been there, damn sick and… Read more »

Historic Marine

For the love of ships… Understanding antique ships is to know part and parcel of… Read more »

Domaine Les Pailles

The stuff dreams are made of, through the eyes of an avid nature lover… It’s… Read more »

The Maha Shivratri Experience

Some nights are simply more blessed than others. Auspicious though mysterious, they give meaning to… Read more »

The Mahebourg Waterfront

Calling out to sea: some history and heritage! Touring downtown Mahebourg could be nothing but… Read more »

Thaipoosam Cavadee

Top-Known Myths and Legends… The world’s Tamil community is gearing up to celebrate the Thaipoosam… Read more »

Le Morne Cultural Landscape

A place where beauty is more than skin deep! Wednesday 1st February 1835 will remain… Read more »

Seapoint Boutique Hotel

Seapoint Boutique Hotel

~ Somewhere I left a piece of my heart, the Seapoint Boutique Hotel… ~ The… Read more »

Le Caudan Waterfront

Blow away the cobwebs… A far cry from the city’s bustling M2, Le Caudan Waterfront… Read more »

The World of Seashells

By the treasures of the sea… Hearing the modulation past, however scary it might seem,… Read more »

A mass for the 50 years of Port Louis!

On Thursday 25th August 2016, Port-Louis’ bishop Maurice Piat and the Comoros’ Vicar Apostolic Mahuza… Read more »

Relaxing weekend at Lakaz Chamarel

The long awaited weekend is here! And cherry on the top: the weather is beautiful… Read more »

World Tourism Day 2015

Observed with great splendour and fervour every 27th of September, WTD (World Tourism Day) remains… Read more »