A People’s Regatta for Independence Day…

12 March is nearly upon us. Preparations to mark the 50th anniversary of Independence of… Read more »

Rodrigues’ ultimate fishing opener…

Nowhere in this whole wide world would you ever come across people living and breathing… Read more »

Chinese New Year

Beyond its lore, folklore and folkways… Many moons ago, there existed a mountain-dwelling breed of… Read more »

Le Morne Cultural Landscape

A hiker’s nirvana… Just along Mauritius’ most beloved views of the Indian Ocean, the Le… Read more »

Thaipusam Cavadi

Hinduism’ most incredible show of penance… Today, thousands are about to repeat their Thaipusam Cavadi… Read more »

The largest wine event of Mauritius

Cheers to the pours… The largest wine event is about to come to town this… Read more »

The Billfish Release International Tournament

~ Angle the apex predator ~ Think of striped marlins, sailfishes, spearfishes and much more…. Read more »

Makar Sankranti, at the core of a bounty tradition

Give thanks for the season’s harvest… As the Makar Sankranti, the hallowed Hindu tradition rolls… Read more »

Ringing in new year in style!

At least for today, it’s kinda safe to say that Mauritius is a “badass party-animal”…. Read more »

Let’s bring on Christmas!

The sparkly festive bulbs have long turned on in Mauritius. Yet, for those struggling with… Read more »

Biscuiterie Rault

~ For some south-easterly belles ~ Caring for some unusual odysseys, uncovering historic roots, taking… Read more »

AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open

~ Hot on the heels of the AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open ~ If you’re here… Read more »

Piano Performances at the SSR International Airport

For some freaking awesome notes! Piano philosophers, keyboard aficionados…  where the heck are you? We… Read more »

Porlwi by Nature

~ An ode to urban discovery ~ It’s about time to expel those post-FIK blues… Read more »

Festival International Kreol 2017

~ Pulsating to Mauritius’ rhythm ~ The best things in life are free and so… Read more »

The Indian Ocean Triathlon

Annually staged since 2009, the Indian Ocean Triathlon (IOT) is the granddaddy of all swim-bike-run… Read more »

A Southern Tropical Challenge

Go for the thrill… Tired of coiling those legs in that ever-so-torturous cubicle… And lately,… Read more »

Divali, the hope for a new beginning…

Today marks the Hindu festival of light which sees millions of Hindus, Jains and Sikhs… Read more »

Networking and Social | AHRIM Restaurant Members B2B Meet

The Association des Hoteliers et Restaurateurs de l’Ile Maurice (AHRIM) hosted a B2B Meet event… Read more »

Blessing galore for a tourism mass!

27 September 2017 – The tourism industry’s highly-acclaimed tradition, the “Messe du Tourisme” was held… Read more »

World Tourism Day (WTD) 2017

People around the world are gearing up to celebrate the 38th edition of the World… Read more »

Lunch on tap for the WTD …

As part of the 50th anniversary of the Independence Day and the World Tourism Day… Read more »

Notre Dame des Anges

The Cultural Axis | From the “In the hoods of windswept borders” Series The Notre… Read more »


Introducing the hoods of windswept borders… Long the heart ideograph of varied-profile visitors, the downtown… Read more »

Father Laval Pilgrimage

Every step trod is akin to salvation! Embarking on a pilgrimage, taking a time-out to… Read more »

GKA Kite-Surf World Tour 2017

For Western Vibrations… Perhaps no other word could better fit Le Morne than surfing. It… Read more »

The Maiden Cup

The gambler’s paradise is back… Horse racing is administered by the Mauritius Turf Club. Races… Read more »

Ganesh Chaturthi

The Great Hindu Festival… Based on the writings of the Vedas (holy books of Hindus),… Read more »

Celebrating Assumption…

Every 15 August, christians and catholics around the world flock to the nearest church in… Read more »

Roches Noires Caves

The fabled worshipped routes… Anyone in quest of some serious geological odyssey should definitely give… Read more »

8th edition of the Vets and Masters Tour de Maurice

Lotsa cycling underway… The Vets and Masters Tour de Maurice is an annual biking event… Read more »

So « Port Louisienne », La Citadelle…

So « Port Louisienne », La Citadelle… Lieutenants and pirates who’ve given up their ghost in the 18th… Read more »

Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire

A hazy hangout… Should you be amongst those legions of globe-trotters in search of Mauritius’… Read more »

Mauritius Marathon

And the journey begins here! The running frenzy is huge in Mauritius. It is in… Read more »

Balfour Gardens

Innocence rediscovered! Those long on the hunt for horticultural magnificence and seeking out no one-trick… Read more »

One Eye

The momma of waves Our credo: Amateurs out there, steer clear, you’ll surely want to… Read more »

Eid-ul-fitr, above all a thanksgiving day…

The holy month of Ramadan has finally drawn to a close. Billed as one of… Read more »

The Ultimate Chocolate Fix!

Chances are you already know that chocolate and romance go hand-in-hand in the love department…. Read more »

shh…it’s an Albion Affair!

For anyone who’s had the misfortune of postponing a tryst at the very last moment,… Read more »

The Bread Festival

Fresh out of the oven, go bread crazy! The best conversations surely happen around the… Read more »

Time for a food fest!

Every year, more than a hundred food experts and chefs take to the streets for… Read more »

Domaine de l’Etoile

Teletransporting you to Nature… With all due respect for the glorified bucket list, we’ve all… Read more »

Martello Tower Museum

Beyond the drawn curtains, the silent titans! You just can’t leave my country without any… Read more »

What the Easter Sunday is all about…

With Easter just in, those with a sweet tooth will finally find the right excuse… Read more »

King of the Castle Trail & MTB Challenge

Come on, yeah… it’s happy-trail time! You haven’t given much thought to the trails world… Read more »

Mauritius Aquarium

For a different show… To many, the perfect vacation is one where exploration and relaxation… Read more »

Ugadi and its thousand colours…

Ugadi which is derived from the Sanskrit word, “Yuga Adi” heralds the beginning of a… Read more »

Frédérica Nature Reserve

In nature with our signature creatures… Admit it, we’ve all been there, damn sick and… Read more »

Historic Marine

For the love of ships… Understanding antique ships is to know part and parcel of… Read more »

Domaine Les Pailles

The stuff dreams are made of, through the eyes of an avid nature lover… It’s… Read more »

The Maha Shivratri Experience

Some nights are simply more blessed than others. Auspicious though mysterious, they give meaning to… Read more »

The Mahebourg Waterfront

Calling out to sea: some history and heritage! Touring downtown Mahebourg could be nothing but… Read more »

Thaipoosam Cavadee

Top-Known Myths and Legends… The world’s Tamil community is gearing up to celebrate the Thaipoosam… Read more »

Le Morne Cultural Landscape

A place where beauty is more than skin deep! Wednesday 1st February 1835 will remain… Read more »

Seapoint Boutique Hotel

Seapoint Boutique Hotel

~ Somewhere I left a piece of my heart, the Seapoint Boutique Hotel… ~ The… Read more »

Le Caudan Waterfront

Blow away the cobwebs… A far cry from the city’s bustling M2, Le Caudan Waterfront… Read more »

The World of Seashells

By the treasures of the sea… Hearing the modulation past, however scary it might seem,… Read more »

A mass for the 50 years of Port Louis!

On Thursday 25th August 2016, Port-Louis’ bishop Maurice Piat and the Comoros’ Vicar Apostolic Mahuza… Read more »

Relaxing weekend at Lakaz Chamarel

The long awaited weekend is here! And cherry on the top: the weather is beautiful… Read more »

World Tourism Day 2015

Observed with great splendour and fervour every 27th of September, WTD (World Tourism Day) remains… Read more »