A People’s Regatta for Independence Day…

Régates, Mahébourg_003

12 March is nearly upon us. Preparations to mark the 50th anniversary of Independence of Mauritius have long started. The highways and byways around the island are slowly turning red, blue, yellow and green in reverence. Buildings are being decked out with quadricolor buntings. Finishing touches are yet to be applied to every length and breadth of the city square. In the hoods of our patriotic Mauritians, rooftops are already seen prominently hoisting the national flag.

Adding on to this year’s Independence Day celebrations is a grand regatta about to be held this Sunday 11th March right by the Mahebourg Waterfront. A flotilla of boats will set sail right in its lagoon at around 12 30 with another one lit by flaming torches scheduled for 19h. Nothing short of impressive, the fleet of dinghies will set off from Pointe des Regates to the Maison des Pecheurs.

To top the bill, everything will be soundtracked live by a music concert. The concert slated to run from 12 00 to 19 00 will showcase local talents. Other non-stop shore-side draws will include a culinary fair, a handicraft’s corner, fun games for your brood(s) and nautical-inspired attractions.

Dutch Uncle says: If this event floats your boat, sail for it. And should you be at all interested in the Indian Air force drills and aerobatic team displays, Mahebourg Waterfront is the place to be for a unique Independence Day Eve.